Laverne Crowder, Founder and Executive Director

As the founder of the Optic Neuritis Foundation, Inc., Laverne Crowder is encouraged and dedicated to helping others.  Not only is she the founder, but she too is dealing with this diagnosis as well.  “For years, I’ve struggled with learning what it was God called for me to do, and now I understand, it is to serve to others.  Since being diagnosed, I have reflected over my life and I realize the importance of a having positive disposition.  From a positive perspective, I am able to see that Optic Neuritis has made me stronger.  Being diagnosed with Optic Neuritis has not been a handicap or a setback for me but it has become a SETUP for greatness!”

As a qualified professional with over 10 years’ experience in consulting, customer service, sales, training, and account management, Laverne is a motivated self-starter and has been continually recognized for her leadership role.  Currently, she is employed at Manheim, a subsidiary of Cox, and she sits as the Community President of the National Sales Network of Atlanta.

Education is consistently at the forefront of importance as she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems from Herzing College, and is currently pursuing dual MBAs in Supply Chain Management and International Business from Clayton State University.  Laverne has pledged a lifelong membership to the Order of Eastern Star but believes that her best accomplishment is her faith in God and fully trusting that God does hear and answers prayers.